Board Members 2017





Bryant Weller, 217-418-9856,

     Susan Cler, 217-417-1339,

Treasurer/Head of Schedules/Website/Baseball Umpires
      Steve Sappenfield,217-621-3084,

      Keith Grobb, 217-841-3820,


Little Leagues

       Chad Daly, 217-841-1642,

Girls Softball/Softball Umpires/Concessions
      Stacey Lueth,  217-649-3635,

      Cory Duitsman, 217-531-1421,


Diamond Supervisor- Kyle Miller  778-6204

Prepares Diamonds to play



The Board works very hard every year to make this area have the the best ran Summer Rec Program. We start in January and work thru July every year to get it all done for the kids in our community.

If you would like to be a part of this board please just drop us an e- mail and we will tell you more about your opportunity to do so.

If you have any question at anytime feel free to ask, that we have an open door policy to everyone involved.